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International Education Services is quickly becoming recognized as one of the industry's fastest growing recruitment firms in the education field. Our team members have shown that they have the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships through transparent communication and personalized attention. Our success has been a result of our commitment to finding the best-qualified candidates and matching them with schools holding such values as inclusion and integrity. This has been confidently achieved through our ability to understand what schools require and what teachers are looking for in their placements. As a result, we have acquired the best candidates, found the best solutions, and achieve the best results.

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Mission and Vision

IES facilitates professional partnerships between educators and schools

International Education Services endeavors to facilitate professional partnerships between international schools and educators. As such, we strive to offer transparency regarding schools and educators to help ensure ideal matches and the satisfaction of all of our clients. Our vision is to unite schools and education professionals with the common goal of building school communities that value safety, inclusion and integrity and guiding students to become well-rounded lifelong learners and global citizens.


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How it Works

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IES strives to empower educators and leaders in every discipline

How Do You Help Students Learn to Write Well? Teach with Mentor Texts

Date: Friday, Saturday Oct 13th-14th, 2023
Location: Beijing Keystone Academy

Overview: In this two-day workshop, Carl Anderson will explain how you can use mentor texts – that is, high-quality examples of the kinds of narrative, informational and persuasive texts students write.

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Previous Workshops

The following have been successfully held in 2022

Concept-Based Inquiry in Action: Promoting Deeper Understanding

Unlock the power of a Concept-Based Inquiry approach in your school or classroom to engage students as learners capable of building understanding and making……

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Multilingual Mindsets: Nurturing Multilingual Ecosystems in International Schools

The global majority of people are multilingual, including the vast majority of students who attend our schools. Students

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The Heart, Head and Hands leadership approach to collaboration

A positive school culture requires an holistic, human-centric approach. Head, Heart, and Hands Model encourages active participation, a balance of……

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Curriculum Design and Innovation in the 21st Century

When we are all bombarded with different trends regarding various curriculums in education, leaders are seeking to facilitate and build pathways for students to find their own place in the world and their purpose……

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Child Protection

Child protection and safety are at the very core of our values

At International Education Services, child protection and safety are at the very core of our values. We take steps to ensure only the most qualified educators are given the privilege of working with today's youth.
Throughout our mandatory reference process, former employers are asked directly about candidates' interactions with students and criminal record, providing third-party perspectives from professionals regarded as strong advocates for student safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

All IES services are free for educators. We would be happy to speak with you about your preferences and requirements. When our partner schools advise us of a matching vacancy, we will reach out to you to assess your interest and begin your candidacy for the role. If you are in the market for a new job, kindly complete the form below and an IES agent will be in touch with you soon.
Since jobs are posted throughout the year, you are welcome to register any time. However, there is a typical hiring timeline to keep in mind. Most international school calendars run from late August until June. The recruitment season can begin as early as September, with most positions being filled between November and February. There are fewer jobs available in the spring at that point. It’s best to leave yourself plenty of time to perform interviews, collect references, authenticate documents, complete medical testing and soon.
The content you provide is up to you, but submitting comprehensive, professional details will improve your prospects. We encourage you to include the items listed below when you apply:
Details of work history including roles & responsibilities List of professional development sessions
Copies of your credentials
Statement of your personal pedagogical theory
Profile Photo
Email addresses of three referees
Email addresses of at least three supervisory referees must be submitted at some stage of the hiring process. We understand your privacy is important, so we will always seek your permission before contacting your referees. This process will be completed only once by us, as we will keep your references on file for future applications