Academic Principal

Full Time | Guangzhou, China | Secondary Division
Start Date: August 2024

About School:

Our Education Group is committed to establishing the world's leading international education brand, providing students, parents, and teachers from many countries with a multicultural campus environment and high-quality services. At present, the we have twelve schools and programmes, including four international schools, two K12  Schools open to both Chinese and foreign passport holders, four international senior years programmes .

We aim to be distinctive, particularly in honouring our host district Lingnan culture. We aim to incorporate special features both within the design of the facility and directly within our learning and social programmes as well.

Curriculum: IBDP
Accreditation:  IB
School Type: 10-12  
Students Enrollment:

About Job:

• Under the leadership of Head of Programme, lead the DP and Pre-DP Coordinators, and other relevant positions to ensure the coordination and articulation of the overall G9-12 program and to inspire a cohesive learning experience.
• Promote researched-based teaching and learning pedagogy and work in conjunction with the educational leadership team towards adoption and synthesis into school programs and instructional practice.
• Facilitate the regular review of curriculum and student assessment protocols through a schoolwide curriculum review cycle (to be established).
• Embed and foster a schoolwide curriculum planning process in all curriculum areas (to be established).
• Lead the review and development of a whole school approach to serving the needs of EAL learners.- Work with Head of Programme to monitor program effectiveness.
• Make decisions in accordance with research best practices.- Lead new faculty orientation in the areas of curriculum, and assessment programs.
• Support our HODs and selected teachers in the review, development and implementation of high quality IA processes.
• Secure resources (human, materials, time) to support the curriculum.
• Respond to individual and group needs in support of implementation and monitoring of the curriculum.
• Lead the IB 5-year review and self-evaluation process. This includes the review and rewriting of essential policies; Assessment, Academic Honesty, Language, Learning Diversity and Admissions. - Ensure staff are consulted and informed regarding the review and kept up to date with new procedures.
• Evaluate the school against the IB Standards and Practices for the Diploma programme, working with the Head of Programme and Deputy Principal.
• Work with senior leadership team to evaluate faculty and staff ‘s need for professional training/ development and recommend relevant training.
• Participates in the designation of school staff quota and personnel cost control, and participates in employee interviews
• Needs to maintain regular contact with senior leadership. In addition, needs to keep in touch with our Education Group and its departments.
• Maintains day-to-day contact with a range of organizations and institutions outside the school.

About You:

  • • A master's degree or above is required, and those with rich IB experience can be accepted with a full-time bachelor’s degree.
    • At least 10 years of experience in senior management positions in international schools, familiar with IB DP courses.
    • Good command of English
    • Has systematic management thinking, with strong driving force and execution ability
    • Familiar with business etiquette
    • With good overall quality, clear logical thinking, and good language skills and team appeal
    • Identify with the company's development philosophy and culture
    • With achievement motivation and strong ability to work under pressure
    • With excellent dedication and professional ethics and strong cohesion and innovation ability
    • Possess advanced educational philosophies and comprehensive management capabilities
    • Has successful experience and cases in school management such as teaching research, team building, and cost control
    • Love education

About Contract:

• Contract Period: 3 years
• Student Contact days: 190
• Approximate Dates for the School Year: Aug 15-Jun 30

About Package:

• Salary Range: Negotiable
• Benefit: Health Insurance, Flights, Moving Allowance, Tuition for children, 10% gratuity, furnished accommodation, lunch allowance


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