College Counselor

Full Time | Hangzhou, China | 
Start Date: August 2024 

About School:

Our School, a new and innovative world-class school, is set to commence operations from August 2024. Located in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, the school offers bilingual and international education.

Our K-12 program - bilingual and international, are meticulously designed to provide students with the National Curriculum of China and an international curriculum that prepares them for the IB philosophy
and approaches. We take immense pride in offering a diverse, nurturing community where students can flourish and grow into well-rounded, healthy, and happy individuals.

Motto: Rooted in China - caring for the world !
Vision: Creating lifelong learners and the caring leaders of tomorrow !
Mission: Cultivate upcoming leaders who possess the capability to advance global development.
Values: Be curious, be well-informed, be genuine, be ethical.

We are eagerly seeking exemplary professionals in education and school administration to become a part of our remarkable establishment. Our aim is to attract individuals who share our passion for excellence and possess a profound knowledge of education, as well as an interest in China and internationalism.

School Type: K-12 Boarding
Students Enrollment:

About Job:

This is a job opportunity that involves the creation of a fresh educational institution and its values with long-lasting effects in mind. Therefore, the personal qualities of adaptability and endurance are crucial. We sincerely acknowledge the significant effort and drive required to launch a new school. As such, we wholeheartedly invite individuals who are zealous about this prospect to submit their applications.

Our college counselor will assist students with their educational and professional goals, and while the emphasis will be on the USA, students may wish to apply to universities in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Our students will receive the counselor’s assistance in applying for and maximizing opportunities starting in Grade 9. As a highly ambitious school, we aim for students to attend the most prestigious US and other international universities while also recognizing the importance of choosing the right college for each individual. We would require an absolute commitment from the counselor to remain at the school for a substantive period to maintain continuity and embed the best practices.

• Design and execute a comprehensive career education program for students in grades 9 and up.
• Assist in the smooth transition of students from upper to senior school by providing college information and guidance on IB and other course subject selection.
• Be highly ambitious on behalf of our students.
• Provide top-notch guidance, information, and advocacy services to students during their university application process.
• Ensure students (and their families) are sufficiently equipped to identify suitable colleges and present themselves in a manner that showcases their strengths.
• Conduct a thorough evaluation of the school’s offerings to support college entrance. Duly advising the school accordingly.
• Encourage students to partake in activities from grade 9 that positively impact what their college offers.
• Ensure the after-school and holiday programs are appropriate to underpin applications to top colleges.
• Maintain and garner close ties with prospective colleges.
• Organize colleges to liaise with the school and for children to attend appropriate external fairs, etc.

About You:

  • To effectively guide our students towards higher education, our College Counselor must possess extensive experience and expertise, with a proven track record of success and relevant professional qualifications. Familiarity with the US college system and application processes for international and Chinese universities is highly advantageous, as is fluency in English and Chinese. Our bilingual and international school requires a Counsellor who can provide unbiased and safe guidance to students while also possessing the diplomatic skills necessary to assist ambitious families navigate the complex higher education landscape.

    • Possess an extensive professional background in assisting students to gain access to premier US colleges, and possess the results that endorse effectiveness over time.
    • Experience of working in international or bilingual schools would be an advantage.
    • Possess a professional qualification in this area.
    • An expert understanding of the US college system and robust knowledge regarding applications to other international university systems.
    • Proficiency with English & Chinese is preferred.

About Contract:

• Contract Period: 2 years
• Student Contact days:
• Approximate Dates for the School Year:

About Package:

• Salary Range: RMB 30K-50K/month before tax
• Benefit:


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