Pastoral Counselor

Full Time | Hangzhou, China | Secondary Division
Start Date: August 2024 

About School:

Our School, a new and innovative world-class school, is set to commence operations from August 2024. Located in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, the school offers bilingual and international education.

Our K-12 program - bilingual and international, are meticulously designed to provide students with the National Curriculum of China and an international curriculum that prepares them for the IB philosophy
and approaches. We take immense pride in offering a diverse, nurturing community where students can flourish and grow into well-rounded, healthy, and happy individuals.

Motto: Rooted in China - caring for the world !
Vision: Creating lifelong learners and the caring leaders of tomorrow !
Mission: Cultivate upcoming leaders who possess the capability to advance global development.
Values: Be curious, be well-informed, be genuine, be ethical.

We are eagerly seeking exemplary professionals in education and school administration to become a part of our remarkable establishment. Our aim is to attract individuals who share our passion for excellence and possess a profound knowledge of education, as well as an interest in China and internationalism.

School Type: K-12 Boarding
Students Enrollment:

About Job:

As a supportive and caring professional, you can assist students with various issues, such as bullying, disabilities, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, and relationship troubles. You can also refer them to a qualified psychologist or mental health counselor for further treatment if necessary. Additionally, you can evaluate students’ abilities, interests, and personalities to help them set realistic academic and career goals. You will also address staff concerns regarding the children in their care. To help students succeed, you may facilitate aptitude tests and guide potential paths to success. Your empathetic nature and ability to maintain confidential records ensure you can provide the best possible support to the children under your care.

• Listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems.
• Offer advice and counseling to students struggling with social and emotional challenges.
• Reach out to every student responsible for ensuring that support is universally accessible.
• Provide individualized planning and responsive services to help students and their families with emotional well-being.
• Conduct guidance classes and counselling sessions for students, using planned activities to share educational, social, and important school information.
• Hold and arrange workshops and seminars for parents.
• Consult with teachers, administrators, and other relevant parties on academic and emotional matters, and recommend appropriate courses of action for individual student needs.
• Identify students who may require targeted or intensive services and coordinate with specialists in behavioral health and/or academic interventions.
• React appropriately to staff who identify concerns about specific children.
• Work to maintain positive relationships with third-party behavioral health specialists and collaborate with them on developing and implementing student support plans.
• Mediate regarding any issues that may arise between students and staff.
• Attend student activities and events as needed to provide support and encouragement.

About You:

  • • Minimum of 3 years of school counseling or a related field..
    • Experience in the international education setting.
    • Has appropriate academic qualifications, allowing employment in China by the school.
    • Willingness and capability to work with students of different ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to support their overall well-being and/or academic functionalities.
    • Possess the capability to handle multiple tasks efficiently and meet various deadlines.
    • Skilled in effectively communicating with students, parents, school administrators, and other staff members. This includes the ability to discuss sensitive topics respectfully.
    • Knowledge and experience using student assessment tools, particularly when analyzing and understanding standardized test scores.
    • Knowledge of appropriate educational software.

About Contract:

• Contract Period: 2 years
• Student Contact days:
• Approximate Dates for the School Year:

About Package:

• Salary Range: RMB 20K-40K/month before tax
• Benefit:


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