High School Computer Science Teacher (IBDP & IGCSE)

Full Time | Shanghai, China | Secondary Division
Start Date: August 2024

About School:

Our School in Shanghai, China, is a bilingual institution established in 2007. It's a top international school integrating Shanghai and international curricula for Year 1-12. The school emphasizes a Chinese-English immersion approach across Primary, Middle, and High School divisions, offering both day and boarding options. The Primary School (Years 1-5) is centrally located in Shanghai, serving as a day school. In contrast, the Middle School (Years 6-8) and the High School (Years 9-12) are situated on the new Hongqiao campus and in Shanghai's Songjiang District. These latter divisions offer a comprehensive educational experience, including UK/US style boarding options and day programs. The 'International Plus' curriculum combines Chinese studies with Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma Programs. Our School  aims to provide an exceptional educational journey focusing on academic excellence, character development, and preparing students for a rapidly changing world.

At our School, our forward-thinking program is designed to nurture the holistic development of students, encompassing their emotional, social, physical, and intellectual facets. Our mission is to prepare these students to become engaged and responsible global citizens, well-equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our  School is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of children. We expect all staff and volunteers to share in this commitment, necessitating references, background checks, and criminal record checks as part of our rigorous safeguarding measures.

Curriculum:   Bilingual Curriculum, Chinese National Curriculum, IB Diploma, IGCSE
Accreditation:  CIS, WASC
School Type:    9-12  Day, 9-12 Boarding, K-12  Day
Students Enrollment:  Approx. 1600 in total

About Job:

• Teach according to the class schedule developed by the Academic Affairs Office.
• Contribute to the pastoral care program, whether living off or on campus.
• Support the co-curricular program.
• Serve as a tutor to a group of students if required.
• Academics: An FTE teacher will teach a work load to be determined by the needs of the School but typically 16 -18 hours of instruction per week. The teacher shall be responsible for the full delivery of the curriculum in their subject area and, under the supervision of Subject Department Head and the Deputy Principal, complete all administrative and teaching duties to ensure student advancement within the School’s sequence of study. Teachers will also be expected to pursue professional development opportunities, with the support of the School, to improve and perfect their craft.
• Afternoon Activity: An FTE teacher will supervise and/or lead a co-curricular activity during the activity time. Working under the supervision of the Director of Co-curricular Activities, a teacher will typically be asked to participate in 2 co-curricular activity periods per week.
• Residential Program: An FTE teacher who lives on campus and is a fulltime dorm parent will reside in School housing and will supervise evening hours in the dorms (houses) according to duty arrangements as set by the Dean of Student Life and ensure the health and safety of the students in their charge. The teacher is responsible for following School residential policy and maintaining good communication will all other faculty members who conduct duty in the same house. An FTE teacher who lives off campus will do one evening duty per week as assigned by the Dean of Student Life.
• Pastoral: An FTE teacher will be expected to advise a group of students during the school year. The tutor will meet with the students on a regular basis and will lead pastoral program with them. The tutor will also work to individually support the needs and interests of the students. Finally, the tutor will communicate with parents on a regular basis and will act as a main conduit of communication between the School and the family.
• ER (Extra Responsibility) Position: Appointment to a stipended ER position may involve modifications to the above duties and reporting line. Such modifications will be summarized in a supplemental document.

About You:

  • • Bachelor's degree in related field required, advanced degree(s) preferred
    • 3+ years experience from an accredited School
    • Experience working in an International School and/or setting a plus
    • Experience working in residential setting (School, camp, International travel supervision)
    • Experience supervising an afternoon activity. Athletic Coaching or personal sport interest preferred
    • Experience participating in pastoral program
    • Good communication skills (spoken and written). Training in student support preferred

  • Certificates:
    • Valid teaching certification is mandatory
    • Teaching Degree strongly preferred
    • Experience with second language learners preferred

    • Bi-lingual ability (English and Mandarin Chinese) preferred but not required
    • Educators who show a devotion to their subject matter but also have a genuine interest in working with young men and women
    • Educators with excellent communication skills, who show initiative and who can easily adapt to change

About Contract:

• Contract Period: 2 years
• Student Contact days: 180
• Approximate Dates for the School Year: Aug 1-June 25

About Package:

• Salary Range: RMB 30K-45K/month before tax
• Benefit: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Housing allowance,Moving Allowance, Flights,Children Tuition Benefits,Extra Responsibility allowance, Boarding campus allowance


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