Early Years Class Teacher

Full Time | Hangzhou, China |  Kindergarten Division
Start Date: August 2024 

About School:

Our School, a new and innovative world-class school, is set to commence operations from August 2024. Located in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, the school offers bilingual and international education.

Our K-12 program - bilingual and international, are meticulously designed to provide students with the National Curriculum of China and an international curriculum that prepares them for the IB philosophy
and approaches. We take immense pride in offering a diverse, nurturing community where students can flourish and grow into well-rounded, healthy, and happy individuals.

Motto: Rooted in China - caring for the world !
Vision: Creating lifelong learners and the caring leaders of tomorrow !
Mission: Cultivate upcoming leaders who possess the capability to advance global development.
Values: Be curious, be well-informed, be genuine, be ethical.

We are eagerly seeking exemplary professionals in education and school administration to become a part of our remarkable establishment. Our aim is to attract individuals who share our passion for excellence and possess a profound knowledge of education, as well as an interest in China and internationalism.

School Type: K-12 Boarding
Students Enrollment:

About Job:

Our Early Years Department is equipped with a range of superlative facilities that we encourage our teachers to use for the benefit of the children. The curriculum is heavily influenced by both the International Baccalaureate and Reggio Emilia approaches. Teachers who are familiar with these styles will appreciate our teaching method, but they'll need to embrace the specific pedagogy that the school follows. Many children will have limited English skills before enrolling in the school, so we'll focus on helping them become familiar with the language.
Our primary goal is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the children. We'll use our comprehensive resources to plan activities that help them achieve their early learning goals in terms of knowledge, skills, and understanding. Teachers will also be responsible for recording observations, summarizing achievements, and communicating with parents, staff, and other educational professionals.
Good oral and written communication skills are essential, as well as the ability to create friendly and caring relationships with everyone. Additionally, a commitment to lifelong learning is critical.

• Prioritize the concept of safety.
• Possess a sunny and proactive disposition.
• Able to motivate and stimulate a child's learning abilities
• Encourage learning through experience.
• Appreciate and deliver necessary pastoral care and support to children.
• Develop children’s personal, social, language, and physical coordination abilities.
• Sensitive to the needs of second-language learners.
• Creation of visual aids and teaching resources as well as encourage mathematical and creative development through stories, songs, games, drawing, and imaginative play.
• Help children develop curiosity and knowledge.
• Able to work with others to plan and coordinate work both indoors and outdoors.
• Share knowledge gained with other practitioners and building and maintaining relationships with parents.
• Observe, assess, and record each child's progress in a form that is meaningful and underpins future objectives..
• Collaborative attender of staff meetings and training days.
• Reflect on your own practice and open to perpetual development - not entrenched!

About You:

  • • Experience in an international school where children are starting to become more familiar with English a plus
    • Possess a professional qualification in this area.
    • An expert understanding of EY children and their specific needs
    • A boon if bilingual - English & Chinese.

About Contract:

• Contract Period: 2 years
• Student Contact days:
• Approximate Dates for the School Year:

About Package:

• Salary Range: RMB 30K-50K/month before tax
• Benefit:


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