PYP Coordinator

Full Time | Xi’an, China | Secondary Division
Start Date: August 2024 

About School:

We are a leading IB World School in northwestern China, offering PYP, MYP, and DP programs from kindergarten to high school on a green 68,666-square-meter campus.We promote trans-disciplinary teaching, play-based learning, and inquiry-driven curriculum.

Primary school follows PYP, emphasizing concept-based, inquiry-driven learning. Middle school adopts MYP, encouraging concept-driven, project-based learning. High school offers DP, preparing students for university with CAS opportunities and standardized testing.

With a diverse faculty from over 42 countries, we offer amenities like a staff gym, air purification and transportation. The new purpose-built campus is an hour south of the city center, with shuttle service from the Hi-tech zone, providing restaurants, malls, and a supportive community.

We are a  not-for-profit school fostering confident, open-minded global citizens through life-long learning and community. With 700+ students and faculty from 42+ countries, all faculty members are highly qualified and IB certified. A 24-hour foreign teacher life assistant helps new staff settle in. We are committed to making your transition to school as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Here, our teaching staff is not only highly qualified but also certified in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, bringing a wealth of experience in international education.

Curriculum:  IB Diploma, IB MYP, IB PYP, Inquiry Based Learning, Reggio Emilia
Accreditation: WASC,IBO, Local Education Bureau
School Type: K-12 Day
Students Enrollment:  Approx 500 in total

About Job:

Coordinators have the unique responsibility of supporting the development of IB programmes within the school’s ecosystem, and helping to guide learning and teaching across the school community. IB programme coordinators are integral to the implementation and evolution of IB programmes. A programme coordinator, acting together with other school leaders, has authority to plan and manage the processes of change necessary for developing the programme (0201-02), (0203) (IBO, 2020).

Coordinators have 0.5 role at the school for programme coordination with the other 0.5 usually designated to teaching within the programme.

• Coordinating the planning, implementation and monitoring of programme development initiatives (0201-03)
• Leading the design and implementation of a coherent curriculum in the programme (0401-01)
• Communicating with the IB for evaluation
• Communicating with parents, legal guardians and the wider community about the school’s IB programme (0201-04-0400, 0401-03-0100)
• Documenting the curriculum used in the school’s programme through unit plans and school scope and sequence documents (0401-01)
• Ensuring teachers’ access to programme documentation and IB frameworks via MyIB access (0203-01)
• Ensuring access to relevant communities (online or face to face) for all teachers and staff who support learning in the programme (0401-03-0200)
• Fostering ongoing learner and teacher collaboration in the programme (0401- 02)
• IB-mandated policy development in accordance with “Culture” in Programme standards and practices (0301)
• Informing the school community of, and monitoring, IB-mandated PD (0203- 02-0100)
• Monitoring the implementation of core components of the programme (0201- 03)
• Pedagogical leadership in the school’s programme
• Any items that mention “pedagogical leadership”, “approaches to learning” or“approaches to teaching”
• Supporting administration of IB-mandated assessments (if applicable) (0404- 03, 0404-04)
• Ensuring that teachers have access to IB resources and PD (0203-01, 0203-02)

The programme coordinator also supports the school to:
• Designing the curriculum used in the school’s programme (0401-01)
• Developing and promoting key pedagogical elements in the programme (approaches to learning, approaches to teaching, the IB learner profile, etc., 0101-02, 0402, 0403)
• Inducting new staff to the school’s IB programmes (0201-01-0200)
• Documenting and monitoring in-school assessment (0404)
• General PD (not mandated by the IB, 0203-02)
• Providing guidance to learners on the next steps in their learning or transitions beyond the school (0202-04)
• Monitoring learners’ admission and access to IB programmes (0301-01)
• Monitoring progress of alumni or students who transition to other programmes (0201-04, 0202-04)

About You:


About Contract:

• Contract Period: 2 years
• Student Contact days: 184
• Approximate Dates for the School Year: Aug 1-June 23

About Package:

• Salary Range: RMB 27K-40K/month before tax
• Benefit: Health Insurance, Flights, Moving Allowance ,Tuition for children, Breakfast/Lunch is provided for teachers.

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