Kindergarten Teacher

Full Time | Dongguan, China | Primary  Division
Start Date: August 2024 

About School:

Situated on the outskirt of Shenzhen & Guangzhou, both top-tier cities in China, School prides itself on being one of the most successful bilingual international schools in Southern China.

School aims to foster a 21st-century learning environment for its students and prepares them for a better future.
School humbly opened its gate in 2017 with just over 100 students. Today, it has blossomed into a leading bilingual international school that is accredited by Cognia, a member school of WASC, and home to 398 staff members and 1770 students, ranging from Pre-K to Grade 12.

Staff enjoys the best combination of urban & suburban life: whether it is a leisure bike tour around the lake, a weekend shopping trip to downtown Shenzhen (only 1 hour away), or lychee picking at a local ranch, there are always great social options outside of school life.


Curriculum: A Levels, IGCSE, Montessori, US Advanced Placement (AP), US Common Core
Accreditation: Official UK, Canada, Australia, NZ Accreditation, AdvancED/Cognia, WASC
School Type:K-8 Day, 9-12 Day, 9-12Boarding, K-12 Day, K-12  Boarding, Pre-K/EYFS
Students Enrollment:  Approx  1800

About Job:

  • • To be responsible as a kindergarten homeroom teacher staying with the kids the whole day during working time as requested;
    • To co work with Chinese homeroom teacher for the semester work plan based on the school teaching schedule;
    • To teach lessons required for the kindergarten homeroom teacher such as English, Math, Science etc.
    • To implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for students and to support a designated curriculum area as appropriate;
    • To participate actively in curriculum writing;
    • To co work with Chinese homeroom teacher for the kindergarten decorations based on monthly topic;
    • To be involved with other aspects of school life associated with the subject, such as organising appropriate field trips and educational visits;
    • To assist the department with developing Schemes of Work, department development plan and implementation;
    • To play a full role in the active life of the school life and running of this international school;
    • To be responsible for the classroom and to encourage and support the use of ICT in lessons and monitor the classes’ work and assessment grades and keep student achievement records;
    • To take intervention actions when assessment and report grades identify a cause of concern regarding a students’ progress in your class;
    • To support and work collegiately with other members of the department;
    • To write reports and enter assessment grades when required;
    • To take an interest in all students in the classes and assist the department with preparation of up to date student class lists when requested;
    • To support and work with the administrative support staff where appropriate;
    • To assist the department with the analysis of examination results when requested and to seek out and share teaching resources with colleagues;
    • To attend parents’ meetings and other school events as directed by the management;
    • To hold teaching & research activities once a week;
    • To actively take part in the field trip organized by the school;
    • To offer at least one extra-curricular activity if possible to the students and be committed to the ideal of a holistic education for all;
    • To assist with any other duties, tasks or jobs as may be reasonably requested by the management.

About You:

  • • Near-Native English speaker
    • Bachelor’s Degree above
    • At least 2 years related work experience
    • Teacher Certificate holder preferred

About Contract:

• Contract Period: 2 years
• Student Contact days: 191
• Approximate Dates for the School Year: Aug 15 -June10

About Package:

• Salary Range: RMB 30-45K/Per month(before tax)
• Benefit: Health Insurance,  Moving Allowance , Housing allowance, Annual flight allowance, Tuition for children

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