Concept-Based Inquiry

Date: Saturday Sunday Feb. 24th-25th, 2024
Time: 8:30 - 15:00
Location: Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School

Workshop Outline

Join Rachel French for a transformative two-day workshop. You will commence with an interactive model lesson, immersing yourself in the student experience as you navigate guiding questions and real-world case studies. This hands-on approach invites you to recognize patterns and make connections, allowing you to articulate your own transferable conceptual understandings. The debrief session will delve into the strategies used to support inductive teaching.

Throughout the workshop, you will reflect on the strategic use of structured, guided, and open inquiry, considering the unique power each holds in the classroom. Together, we will explore the potential of moving beyond a single conceptual idea to articulate multiple understandings within a unit. The role of guiding questions in designing impactful learning experiences will also be examined.

Experience classrooms from around the world through video clips capturing teaching and learning moments. These clips will showcase students' evolving thought processes at each phase of inquiry. Engage in hands-on learning activities that invite you to explore the educator's role in scaffolding thinking.

Discover the Concept-Based Inquiry model developed by French and Marschall, unlocking a framework for intentional teaching and learning. Immerse yourself in various teaching strategies carefully crafted to cultivate students' conceptual thinking.

Build a toolbox of practical instructional strategies that promote understanding and facilitate learning transfer. You will leave the workshop prepared to transform your school or classroom, equipped with the understanding to elevate your teaching. Join us on this empowering journey and take the next step towards enhancing your educational practice!

Workshop Leader Biography: Rachel French

Director of Professional Learning International and certified Independent Concept-Based Consultant, workshop facilitator, trainer, and author, Rachel French, MA Ed. has led innovative curriculum design and transformed how educators teach and students learn for over 12 years.

Mentored by the founders of Concept-Based Curriculum themselves, Dr. H Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois A. Lanning, Rachel was entrusted with the exclusive worldwide rights to be the sole provider of the Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) Trainer Certification Institute — the certification that kick-started her journey into Concept-Based Inquiry.

Rachel French, Dr. Lynn Erickson, and Dr. Lois Lanning have co-authored the second edition of ‘Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom,’ 2017, and Carla Marschall and Rachel French co-authored ‘Concept-Based Inquiry in Action’ (2018).

Rachel has presented numerous workshops and conferences on Concept-Based Learning globally and now hosts the annual Concept-Based Inquiry Learning Labs Conference. This conference is dedicated to bringing together passionate CBI educators from around the globe.

Rachel’s mission is to help other educators transform their classrooms and schools by accessing leading professional development, planning and implementing Concept-Based Inquiry units, and adopting a Concept-Based curriculum development approach.

Certificate: E-certificate signed by Rachel French will be issued 5 working days after the workshop.

Registration Fee: 4900 RMB (700USD) per participant
Group Deal: 10% off per participant for 5 or more participants
Early Bird: 10% off before 20/01/2024

Refund Policy:
Refunds for the workshop may only be issued if cancelled by the Workshop leader(for reasons beyond her control) and we failed to find a suitable time for most of participants; or registered participant informs IES he/she is able to show up before 18/01/2024;
If there is insufficient registration before 18/01/2024 the IES will inform participants of the cancellation and refund the actual paid registration fee only.